Monday, February 13, 2012

A Poem: My Valentine's Day Massacre

Question: What's Valentine’s Day without a special card, chocolates, beautiful flowers, or a romantic poem? 
Answer: Tuesday 
You would think that after more than 20 years of marriage, just being together, and not falling victim to the commercialism and capitalistic influences of “Big Candy” would be enough. 
In my case, I’m lucky to have a decent health insurance plan.  
Enjoy, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Valentine’s Day Massacre

by Ron Clyburn

I bought my love a valentine
Down at the Dollar Store
A cardboard heart for ninety-nine cents
I couldn’t afford anything more

I could have bought her diamonds or pearls
I could have bought flowers or sweets
But hey, times are tough these days
It’s hard to make ends meets

I knew she would love her valentine
Our love isn’t measured in amounts
So what if it’s the size of a quarter
After all, it’s the thought that counts

When my love saw her valentine
The look that was on her face
Was like that of a screaming banshee
Who got sprayed with pepper mace

The doctor said I would walk again
The dentist can fix my smile
My coughing fits from smoke inhalation
Only hurt for a little while

So men, when you shop for a valentine
And you want to save your riches
Come visit me in the ICU
And help me count my stitches

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